Over 25 experts. Here are just a few:


Dr. James Webb

SENG Founder

Former NAGC Director

Dr. Webb is a leading authority in social and emotional needs of students.

Dr. Joyce Juntune

Professor at Texas A & M

Former NAGC Exec. Director

Dr. June is a renowned consultant in intelligence, creativity and effects of poverty.

Richard Cash, Ed.D.

President NRich Consulting

Recognized consultant and author of “Differentiation for Gifted Learners – Going Beyond the Basics”.

Dr. Diane Heacox

Award winning author and trainer focusing on strategies to increase learning success for all students.

Lisa Van Gemert

Author and trainer on differentiation, creativity, and neuroscience.

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What’s Included?

Each course contains the following resources to help teachers learn, grow and apply.

How Does it Work?

T-TESS Prep allows administrators to differentiate training to meet the specific needs of every teacher. Principals can track each teacher’s training progress through our online system, and teachers can take the training whenever it is convenient for them.

Select the Right Course(s) for Each Teacher or Select a Course for the Whole Campus

Track Each Teacher’s Training Progress through The Admin Panel

Initiate Great Conversations with Your Teachers Using the Leader’s Guide & Resources

Observe Teachers Achieve their Goals and Change Instruction Practice

T-TESS Teacher Prep is customizable to the level of training needed for your campus. Courses can be adapted for group participation or can be fully tailored to each teacher’s training goals.